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Audi Free MOT result

fingermouse Apr 27, 2009

  1. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    well car went in today for a free MOT and it passed, also had the brake fluid changed at the same time, bit more expensive than Vw at £49 but it saves me the hassel. Also got them to look a very small bubble appearing on the roof by one of the rails and they said they will do this FOC :). So all in all a result.
  2. S3 HODGE

    S3 HODGE Brown passenger seat.

    Nice, I was looking at this deal on there website. I would take my car there for MOT but its easyer to leave my De-cat on and let my friend MOT it. :yahoo:
  3. S3Matt

    S3Matt Member

    I got a free MOT too. When I called to book it I asked about the free MOT deal thing on their website and they told me 'no need' as apparently I am eligible to join Glasgow Audi's 'Club Class'... which as far as I can tell serves no purpose than to offer it's members free MOTs and reduced servicing bills... hmm... :readit:must be a catch somewhere but I can't see it...! Anyway, thats £50 in my pocket which otherwise wouldn't be. :sm4:
  4. S3 HODGE

    S3 HODGE Brown passenger seat.

    good stuff, What we like to hear :)

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