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Audi - Free Health Check??

Nilz May 16, 2012

  1. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

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    Hey guys

    Had a phone call, well a voicemail from Audi this morning asking if I was still the owner of my S3 and if everything is ok with it, also if im experiencing any problems then I could give them a call to have the car booked in for a free health check.

    Surprised I had this call from them, considering the car is nearly 10 years old now.

    Anyone else had a call like this from them?

  2. Wizza

    Wizza Member

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    As far as I am aware health checks are free. I had my A3 in for cambelt and waterpump not long after purchasing and they gave me a free health check. The HC came back with a driveshaft issue.

    A few weeks/moths later I had a call asking if I had got the problem sorted (by this time I had). When I had the car in a few weeks ago regarding a cup-holder warranty issue I also requested a free health check and yet even though I mentioned a few things that COULD be wrong my car came back with absolutly no faults. Chuffed :D

    But yes mate - I would assume it's free and personally take them up on the offer. Can;t lose out on anything. Just be sure to warn them not to update any ECU software if you are remapped!
  3. Ghost

    Ghost Booooooo!

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    When audi have had my car to do any work they always do a HC, but thay always say things like tyres and brakes, anything thats not on warranty.
    now my car is out of warranty, they still come back with **** and dont pick up things i know needs doing?
    it will be free Niz, just ask them to clarify on booking, its just a case of if you real want to spend an hour at audi

    ps.. Do they still do a free MOT? thats much the same (iv had two in the past) where you have a free MOT but you pay if anything needs doing, my car passed twice :)

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