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Audi Extended Warranty

david_phillips95 Feb 7, 2010

  1. Recieved a letter through the other day from Audi offering me the chance to take out extended warranty. Just wondering if anyone on here has taken extended warranty or will be when their warranty is due to run out. I haven't contacted Audi yet for a price, does anyone know roughly how much the extended warranty comes in at?

    Cheers Davie
  2. AuldReekie

    AuldReekie Member

    I was quoted £700 last week, so I am planning on some research next week to price it against the independants.
  3. Wai-Fan

    Wai-Fan Member

    I wanted to renew my warranty last year and Audi quoted me £800+ but I checked with Warranty Direct and they said they would match the Audi warranty exactly. They gave me an offer of around £500 but I haggled down to £400 if I said I would pay in full. This covers the franchised dealer labour rates and a percentage of the parts cost. The percentage you pay is dependant on your mileage so e.g. car with 80k milkes you pay 30% of parts cost, 90k miles you pay 40% of parts cost. Those are just some example figures, the actual ones are stuffed in my drawer somewhere. I haven't had any problems since taking the warranty out so not entirely sure how well they handle any claims. Hope that helps.

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