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Audi European Rally.

wayner007 Sep 29, 2006

  1. wayner007

    wayner007 New Member

    Ok after sampling the delights of the CRX2006 banger rally, and having had a great time would like to gauge opinion on a rally for Audi's only.
    Type of thing would be
    Start somewhere Northern France Calais, Dunkerque, Etc..

    1 day at the ring.:blackrs4:

    Various tasks on route across Europe.:box:

    Upto Amerstdam for final party and prizes.:beerchug:

    Have a few people on board already, ideas and feedback would be great.
  2. Olly_K

    Olly_K Administrator

    I reckon I would be up for this, anyone else ?
  3. wayner007

    wayner007 New Member

    Ok hardly set the forum on fire that.
    Here are a few more details>
    Entry fee would be kept to a minimum around £100>125.
    Top prize to be decided(help req) around £1000 if we can get 50+ to go.:beerchug:
    There would be second and third prizes also.(tbc):racer:
    Shirts with logo's and audi-sport.net as a tie in to the forum.(if ok Guys)

    Certificates with names and cars.
    Party more than likely Amsterdam with drinks and DJ.:beerchug:
    Starts on or around mid Sept 07 over a weekend Fri-Sun.
    Website will be up and running asap for complete details and online entry.
    Hoping to get a tuner/motorsport website on board for discounts and sponsorship.
    Any suggestions/ideas would be great please email.
    To sum up we will be running this for fun/beer up and to give your cars a good thrashing across one of the best circuits in Europe and maybe win a prixze while doing it.:blackrs4:
  4. Beerzo

    Beerzo Masa'warty 3200... Talk To Me!

    Yeah totally up for this. Can i suggest that you maybe make it a Volkswagen Audi Group event as the support for it would be so high and the more the merryer.
  5. wayner007

    wayner007 New Member

    Yeah good idea:idea: rally will be open to all VAG groups of motors.
    More details to follow shortly about website etc... any more feedback ideas would be great.

    Still have this Audi 80 pictured below if anyone is interested/
    Might have to take up my idle threat and use her as my track day car, much to wifes groans and my secret smile.:whistle2: uh oh she's coming.
  6. wayner007

    wayner007 New Member

    Ok have the website up and running now and www.euro-rally.co.uk is born.:blackrs4:
    The Audi rally is called www.vag-rally.co.uk more details are on the site but basically the rally will be over a weekend end of Aug start of Sept 2007.
    There will be prizes upto £1000(tbc) up for grabs as well as others awards, big party at the end of the weekend in Amsterdam comlete with music, drinks and dj.:thrashi:
    All team members will get an event shirt and also a rally certificate to prove they have been on the event where they came and proof they made it.:racer:
    Come along take a look around and feel free to send us your ideas.

    Euro rally is the holding company and "vag-rally" is an event run by us along with "run to the ring", all subject to trademark and copright rules regarding use.

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