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Audi driving experience day

D8UGF May 31, 2013

  1. D8UGF

    D8UGF Member

    Was lucky enough to get invited along to an event at Audi held at Hopetoun House in Scotland.

    Got a chance to drive a couple of cars that we have been looking at Q5, Q7 etc.


    Drove the R8 V10 plus......what a car! I have never driven, or expect ever will, drive anything as fast in my life. The acceleration on the car was relentless, with long gears and just power power power.

    Such an easy car to drive but it did hit you with the realisation that as a driver it would be me that would run out of talent much much earlier than the capabilites of the car.

    Just wanted to get that off my chest as I am like a wee schoolboy having had a shot of it!

  2. Chris-Vspec

    Chris-Vspec Member

    You lucky bugger, I'm sure that was an unbelievable experience
  3. Ben S3 8P3

    Ben S3 8P3 Member

    how did you get invited?
  4. D8UGF

    D8UGF Member

    Ben, invite came through the post, I just assumed it was because both my wife and I have Audis and use the local main dealer.

    Chris, it is a spectacular car. The one I was driving was painted in a matt blue, with contrasting carbon fibre panel and mirrors as well as ceramic brakes. The test driver took me out in it first of all (showed how quick the car was) then allowed me to drive it back to the venue. I have to put my hands up and say I drove it like pensioner! Bearing in mind it was on public roads and not a race track.

    I did say in the feedback form that the fuel consumption was worse, as it asked how it compared to your current car (A4 Avant diesel)!!!

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