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Audi delivery

dc240969 May 25, 2011

  1. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    Right, who has Jeremy Hicks email address.

    l had a call and email from Coulsdon Audi to tell me that the new A1 would be ready to pick up mid next week. As the convo went along it moved on to picking the car up. l asked, "so l have to come pick it up". "Yes" he said. l went on to mention the fixed delivery to any dealership within the UK. Also that they where on the other side of London and lm in Fife, 1000 mile round trip, so thats £210 for petrol in my S3 and some in the A1 to bring it home. He did say he would pick me up from Gatwick, which was nice. But l cant drive 500 miles, lve a bad knee you see. l could always send the daughter down, but she would get lost.

    lm pushing for the part where delivery of £590 to any dealership would suggest they put it on a transporter to my local dealer. Failing that an email to Jeremy Hicks would make me feel better, regardless of the outcome.

    The guy does seem like a nice bloke. Anyone dealt with Coulsdon Audi?
  2. A3Bash

    A3Bash Member

    Surely they'd be happy to send the car to any dealer across the UK for a brand new Audi? How did you get on?
  3. Stiggles

    Stiggles Top Gear!

    If you want I'll pick it up for you xD

    I was on the AbT site the other day and have to say their kit for the A1 makes quite a bit of an improvement.

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