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Audi defects

A3EE!! Feb 14, 2012

  1. A3EE!!

    A3EE!! New Member

    Apparently they dont care.

    We have been waiting for over two months for Audi USA to send a representative to our Dealership (Audi San Diego) to look at defects in the weatherstripping on our Brand new A3. We also have two paint defects.

    We have contacted Audi USA through AudiCare, as well as the dealership. So far we have been told by Audi USA that it is not up to them (Audi USA) to send a Audi USA rep; it is up to the dealership to request one. The dealership says that it is up to Audi USA.

    So the only conclusion is, either the dealership (Audi San Diego , owned by Koni Motors) or Audi USA do not care if there are manufacturing defects with your new car after you drive off the lot.

    Pretty sad considering that their advertising is all about how they have the best quality cars!!!

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