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Audi dealers....pffft!

gary3306 Oct 4, 2011

  1. gary3306

    gary3306 Active Member

    Got a B7 cab in this morning for service and when the lady dropped it off, she said "Oh can you look at the reverse lights please. They still aren't working. It went into the dealer, oooh ages for this fault and I think they put a new light in the passenger side but I don't know......"

    Anyway, I've just had a look and its got a good right not to work. The part number of the light unit fitted to the n/s/r, by the dealer ends in 095C. It should be an 095D.

    Basically they've fitted a light unit for a left hand drive car :rtfm:

    There's power all the way up to the connector (as you would expect), but there isn't even a corresponding male pin in the light unit plug lol.

    Obviously they didn't check the lights before it went out. :no: Complete numpties
  2. si hoc

    si hoc Member

    well thats what ive come to expect from audi, they had mine back 5 times to cure a simple wheel vibration problem that the tech who worked on it told them the first time it went in what the problem was!!!. the problem seems to be to me that they are always so busy, that they just want to get it done and get it back out. i will never go back to my local dealer, i will use the specialist that i have always used in the past. its amazing what they get wrong, like simply being asked not to wash the car after theyve done work on it even though its on the job card in big letters not to do it!!!!. just ask redspudder off the b8 forum about that one!!!

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