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audi cradle what phone is this cradle for????

mike-y90 Apr 4, 2013

  1. mike-y90

    mike-y90 Member

    Does anyone know what phone is supposed to fit in this cradle?


    Also is it easy to change it or would it needed re wiring? I have an iphone 4 could you just buy a different cradle or would the whole lot including cables need replacing. If it all needs replacing ill just go with changing to double din and install a RNS-E at a later date.
  2. coxy8329

    coxy8329 Member

    That looks like a Bury car kit, I have one in mine. You purchase an adapter for the phone that clips into that holder. I bought a Bluetooth cradle for mine, that clips straight into it.

    I retrofitted a RNSE and it still works although cant be controlled by the head unit. It just mutes the RNSE then puts phone audio through the cars speakers. It uses an external microphone (mines mounted next to the rear view mirror).

    This is the cradle I have
    BURY Cradle Universal for Smartphones - Adjustable mobile phone holder suitable for most smartphones
    It works ok with HTC Desire, Blackberry, Nokia and the Samsung S3.
  3. Cruiser89

    Cruiser89 Advanced In Car Tech Site Sponsor

    Yep it's a Bury System 8 cradle.

    You can by lots of different cradles for different phones. Unfortunately the Bluetooth element is housed within the phone cradle and not this bit. They can be quite costly so check out eBay.

    If you don't want a cradle to put your phone in then you can purchase the Bury AD9060 to clip into this which gives you a nice screen instead.
  4. mike-y90

    mike-y90 Member

    Thanks people that has been a massive help. I will have a look a iphone4 cradle 8 adapter but they seem to be priced at like 80 pound which seems to be quite a price just for an adapter!! I might have to look for second hand ones. Thanks that has helped a lot!

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