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Audi convertible coupe

audiv8quattro Aug 4, 2011

  1. audiv8quattro

    audiv8quattro Member

    Hi a workmate of mine is thinking about selling his coupe convertible, i dont know much about it as he's only a workmate but it's an L reg red, no mot but it has only really been driven for about two months since it flew through last mot, he has started and driven it every week on private land so it doesn't seize up, it needs a wing repainting and one of the trims sticking back on, it's a 2.0l non turbo, it has leather seats and has done 129,000 miles, it has service history and was serviced just before he stopped driving it, that's about all I know I haven't seen the car myself only by photos he has shown me and it looks pretty clean, he is getting rid of it because he now has 3 kids and has brought a Saab as the Audi is only a 4 seater, like I said this is not my car and a workmate has asked me to enquire how much you guys think it's worth, he said for the right price he will mot it, let me know how much you think it's worth and I'll tell him, you never know, might get yourself a bargain

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