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Audi concert volume no good! Wanting new head unit

max9650 Nov 25, 2013

  1. max9650

    max9650 New Member

    Hi all. Concer stereo is doing my hearing no good! Went to halfords and they wanted 45 just for the wiring adaptor!! Sweet Jesus!! What have u guys done with the useless concert volume issue? Also if i do buy the adaptor will it be a straight swap? No need to cut some wires etc? Thanks all!
  2. pol

    pol Member

    I did this very job on the weekend so I can send you some ebay links. I used some 'special' tools to remove the old headunit. I heard of people using nail files in the little slots but this didn't work for me. So I smashed it up a bit!

    I have the amplified rear speaker setup and there are 2 different types of the wiring harness adapter. I can't remember why but I chose the RCA type. I want to keep the rear sub if possible and it sounds OK to me. There was a good post that I was following but I can't find it now.

    Get one of these: Audi A2 2000-2005 Car Stereo Rear Half Amplified RCA Speaker Bypass Lead PC9-404 | eBay
    And this to amplify the aerial: Autoleads PC5-52 VAG VW Skoda Audi Seat Amplified Booster Car Aerial Antenna | eBay

    I bought a faceplate adapter from ebay but it was totally wrong. I bought another from Halfords which works ok. They all seem a bit ****. It's just 2 little bits of plastic that sit on the left and right of the headunit. Probably this one: Halfords | Autoleads Facia Adaptor FP-05-04 Audi A3, A4

    Go in and have a look. All I know is the ebay one I bought sounded and looked a lot like this but did not fit, so don't risk it!

    I actually had to swap the switched and constant positives on my adapter. You can easily do this by inserting a pin or needle in the little slot of the pin you want to remove.

    The blue wire from the antenna amplifier needs to be connected to the blue antenna wire of your wiring adapter. I pulled the whole blue wire out and fitted the wire from the antenna amp in to the autoleads block. The antenna amp came fitted with a female pin to do just this.

    No soldering or cutting of wires.
  3. max9650

    max9650 New Member

    Thankyou for that info, doesn't seem too bad after all. I hope :0 made 2 threads by accident sorry
  4. A3_130

    A3_130 Member

    When I swapped my stereo I made some radio keys by cutting junior hacksaw blades down with a grinder so they fitted in the slots - they work well.

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