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Audi Concert, Symphony, RNS-E etc?

Ben H Dec 19, 2010

  1. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    I've got a Concert head unit in my A3, running through the Bose speakers / amp.

    Can someone please explain the difference between the Concert, Symphony and RNS-E units? Is the Symphony any better, other than having 6-CD facility? Is it a straight swap or do I need an adapter and so on?

    Finally, is the RNS-E any better other than sat nav - and, again, is this easy to swap?

    Thanks. :happy:
  2. CraigHarrison

    CraigHarrison Member

    Can't imagine there is a lot of difference between the three sound quality wise as you already have the Bose system anyway. Iv got the Bose system and went from the 6 CD changer Symphony system to the RNS-E and it was a very easy straight swap as long as you get the cable adaptors with it...

    I think the sat nav on the RNS-E is as good as any portable sat nav... It has live traffic updates on one of the screens also which helps. Motorway lane guidence, intergrated with the DIS screen in the dials and has a very strong GPS signal...

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