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Audi complete

longp2 Mar 4, 2012

  1. longp2

    longp2 Active Member

    Just looking for some opinions on Audi complete. I will be taking delivery of my S4 on May 1st and I am going to Purchase the 5 year warranty with it at a cost of £905. I have been mulling over the possibility of getting the Complete package which covers everything bar Insurance and tax for 3 years, it also includes a 5 year warranty for £66 per month. Taking into account that the warranty split over 3 years costs £25 per month which means that the rest of the package will cost me £41, meaning that for £492 over the year all of my services (I'm opting for the yearly service) maintenance and Tyres plus the first MOT are covered. Is this a good deal.

    If someone with an S4 could give me an idea of service and Tyre costs for the year it would be greatly appreciated.


  2. xs2man

    xs2man Member

    It depends on how much you drive the car really? And what spec car you have too. Do you have Auto or Manual? The service package I got with my old Audi didn't cover the fuel filter or gearbox oil etc... So that may be extra costs, depending on how many miles you drive (38k for gearbox, 40k for fuel filter on mine).

    Then what size wheels do you have? Tyre sizes? If they are 19's, they could easily run into £200 per corner, and how many sets will you need? If you need to change them twice in the 3 years, along with your servicing, it should pay for itself.

    £25 per month for warranty though? Do you not get 3 years anyway with it being a new car? So you are paying for the 2 years warranty?
  3. longp2

    longp2 Active Member

    Yes you are paying for the extra 2 years warranty but you have to pay for it up front so that's the cost over the 3 years. I'll do 10000 miles a year, the car will have 19" alloys and it's an S-Tronic. All fluid and filter changes are included in the cost. Basically I just ned a rough idea of costs for a years motoring in an S4.
  4. Big Bird

    Big Bird Member

    As a guide, the tyres can cost £900 at least and can last from 14k - 30k miles. It comes down to your use and mileage over a year i suppose........
  5. TripleD

    TripleD Audi S4 Avant Owner Team Mythos Audi S4

    Read the small print on the tyres, you are limited on that, i do 25k per year and the package including the tyres sounded good but it was too good to be true!
  6. Daggerit

    Daggerit Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Audi S4 quattro Audi Avant Owner Group

    I had an A3 with this and found it to be useful as I was a 'spirited' driver in it. Went through two sets of Conti Contact 5's in a year (only just) and a set of pads. All free of charge but would have been approximately £2200 otherwise. Paid £500 towards the 'Complete' so saved a lot of money. There was no limit on tyres when I signed my contract, just that it only lasted for 3/4 years, I can't remember the exact term length.

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