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Audi Centre caps on 18" RS4 Reps.

titliest Jul 13, 2006

  1. titliest

    titliest New Member

    Hi all

    I have bought a set of RS4 reps for my S3, the centre caps that came with the wheels are ok, but dont compare to the offical Audi one's.

    I have bought some Audi centre caps and trimed the excess plastic 'fins' on the inside on the caps but they still donot fit snuggly onto the wheels :(

    I have searched high and low for help on this to no avail, i do remember seeing a thread in here but cant find it again.

    One tip whilst fitting them though is to thread some string through the holes, in case they dont fit to your liking, they are nice and easy to pull off then :)

    Thx peeps
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    I had to not only trim the plastic fins but also snip about 4mm off the metal springy thing so it could close further and allow the caps to sit fairly flush to the wheel.
  3. titliest

    titliest New Member

    Hi Andy

    Ah, the Metal ring i have not cut anything off that, i presume as you push the caps on, the ring closes... but the gap the ring has to fit on reps needs to be wider, hense cutting 4mm off one end. :)

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