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Audi cab 2.6 2000 electric hood

duncanrob May 15, 2010

  1. duncanrob

    duncanrob New Member

    Bought this thinking small problem,but,no central locking, roof lifts up front and back ,stowaway releases but does not lift up,took it to local independant vw garage,said i have to take it to audi 1/2 hr they tell me the pump is not strong enough to lift stow cover,they said try putting a new pump on their quote (£2100) they said you could get the pump reconditioned, not sure which way to go with this,i thought audi would tell me and not be vague about it with paying them £67.50 for 1/2 hr just wondered if somebody else has come across this problem,definately the subject to specialise as no one in this areas knows anything about them,and im in the motor trade !!

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