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Audi buying advice.....

bad-vw-boy Jan 19, 2010

  1. bad-vw-boy

    bad-vw-boy Member

    hi guys i am a little stumped at the moment, i am looking to buy an estate and would like to get an adi avant, now my dilema is what model. My requirements are an everyday driver that is fun to drive yet not going to cost the earth to run and insure.I love the S4 and have seen a few on her and other sites but am convinced its the best option due to the fuel consumption, the A6 looks too big but there seems to be more available to buy at the price i had in mind.I have a diesel Bora 130 pd so was considering a similar A4 but also i like tinckering so would be more swayed by the 1.8t however cant seem to find any decent ones in my price range. any help from you owners as to what you drive, thoughts and running costs would greatly help. my budget is £3500 - 5/6k i only drive 10-15 miles a day comuting to work, but also like going to the shows as well. hope this helps. ideally i would like to trade in my corrado as part of the purchase

    thanks again

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