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Audi BT Interface to RNS-D

mcousin Sep 22, 2006

  1. mcousin

    mcousin New Member

    Hi there new to this forum but not new to Audi. I fitted an RNS D to my old A4 Cab 2.4 about 3 years ago, sold that car now and have an S4 with an RNS E, however I kept the old RNS D and I am now in the process of fitting it to my wifes car, a new A4 Cab 1.8T. Why, I hear you all ask! Well the old RNS D has a working TMC capability (with a TMC unit of course) where as the newer RNS E has the capability but god knows when it will work in the UK (lots of promises etc form Audi but my wife needs traffic info, Now the real issue: The fitted Audi BT phone kit is not fitted with a Mute wire where it would normally be on the back of the existing Symphony, without this I can't connect the phone system (the Tel+ & Tel- connection are there but no mute) anyone know how I can get a mute output from the Audi BT phone kit in the A4?
  2. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    This is one for Craigyb, he will answer your question when he sees the post


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