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Audi bodyshop work guarantee - does it stay with the car?

stucker Jul 25, 2011

  1. stucker

    stucker New Member

    Hi there guys, any knowledge/experience you have regarding the guarantee you receive for audi bodyshop work would be much appreciated.

    The long and short of the story is that I have a 56 plate S4 cab that I have owned for about 4 months now and about 1 month ago two patches of lacquer started to peel away on the front bumper (both patches now a couple of inches long). I can not justify paying to get a full bumper respray so I was going to chalk it down to experience, accept a previous owner doing a bodge fix and live with it. However I have gone through some of the previous service history and have determined that this repair and full respray was done through Poole audi 2&1/2 years ago. I phoned the dealership (before explaining the situation and approaching them as a potential new customer) and they confirmed that any bodyshop work carried out through them would be guaranteed for 3 years and would stay with the car if ownership changed!

    A very interesting development so I approached them about putting right my failing paint job that they completed, however they have been giving me the run about for the last 2 weeks and seem to have stopped returning my calls (despite me faxing a copy of the paid invoice and emailing them pictures of the failing paint). They previously said that they are trying to determine which of their 3rd party bodyshop partners did the work, but are struggling to do so! Also to further complicate matters I am about 300 miles away from their dealership so would be wanting them to allow my local dealership (Leeds) to do the work. Just wanted to get any tips/advice from anyone out there in the know, about a. If i am in the right as I suspect I am (but do not know for sure) and b. If you can suggest anything I can say that might move them along. Cheers guys and thanks in advance

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