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Audi BNS 5.0 Issues

JakeMack1992 Jun 23, 2014

  1. JakeMack1992

    JakeMack1992 Member

    I've got a basic sat nav system in my S3 which for some reason won't respond to me changing the volume, it just says it's on mute. All I can hear is slight interference though whether it's on or off. This won't change with the volume either. I've tried resetting it though the menu and there is no difference.

    does anyone know how to factory reset the system? I'll post a pic of the system it is.

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  2. cyhliu

    cyhliu Active Member

    Could you not disconnect from the back of the head unit or pull the fuse out and leave it a while? Would that reset it I wonder? Worth a try isn't it? (Unless you have done already! In which case I apologise!).

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