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Audi B7 170TDI - juddering, drinking oil, drinking coolant and making odd noises.

eddscott Sep 17, 2012

  1. eddscott

    eddscott Member

    Things I've put up with for a while on my car are finally being resolved.

    Juddering on acceleration
    Using quite a bit of oil
    Using way too much coolant
    Sounds like someone blowing over the top of a milk bottle on positive boost.

    Got the verdict as to why my car was juddering - fuel filter. Think it is something to do with the injector seals letting in a bit of oil which gets into the return feed to the filter?

    When the car went to Audi 6 months ago they claimed to change the injectors and loom. The rocker cover has had to be removed to fix a leak and the loom is stinking dirty and no way its 6 months old - not sure how successful I'll be arguing with Audi over it.

    Another issue was the amount of oil my car was losing and the rocker cover has been leaking to the point where the mechanic called me and said "I'm amazed this car hasn't caught fire". There is black gunge over everything - having just seen the engine with the rocker cover removed and been told it is far more dirtier than it should be - even coming from long life service intervals. Audi must have taken the cover off to do the injectors so how come its leaking so bad after 6 months.

    The coolant remains a mystery. Its losing about the header tank every month and doesn't seem to make a difference to mileage. I can do 200 or 2000 in a month and it take no less time to leak out. Being tested again overnight. If its anything expensive like the head then I'll leave it and just keeping topping it up.

    And finally this blowing noise - I didn't see it until a bright light was used but the DPF replacement pipe is leaking. The weld on the flange by the turbo has broken. Having this removed and repaired tomorrow.

    So apart from the coolant things are being resolved finally. I'd noticed there was a bit of weeping from the cover but not as bad as it was - I was shown the undercowels and they are soaked - they were swimming in oil!

    Had this car 6 months and its been niggle after niggle and this was supposed to be the sensible option. I had 2 Imprezas over 5 years and neither of them coughed, farted or did anything they weren't asked to.

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