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Audi B6 Avant indicator Running Lights

Olliecox Oct 17, 2012

  1. Olliecox

    Olliecox New Member

    I have been looking on the web and notice the American version of the B6 has its indicators always on like marker lights, is this something that can be done to a UK car? I have VCDS and Ross-Tech cable, I have had a look through some of the modules and on the central electrics module, but by changing the cars location from ROW to us does nothing, changing to Canada makes the side lights and fog lights light up constantly when the ignition is put on or low beam is put on, changing to Northen countries makes side lights come on the same as Canada but without the fog lights, I have searched on google etc and seem to come across people being able to do this to VW Passats but hardly anything on Audi, people have written about the passant saying that via VCDS the car needs programming to use indicators as parking lights instead, but can't see anywhere on VCDS to do this.

    Any help much appreciated

  2. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    Why would you want indicators on permanently, surely you need these to turn corners. Do you mean the front fogs on permanently like daylight running lights

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