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Audi Avant A4 Estate 2.8 Quattro.

Kt Nov 27, 2007

  1. Kt

    Kt New Member

    Hey guys,
    New to the Audi world and loving the car. Have a couple of ?. Car has 129k on it and still runs like a dream. Very little problems but took it to a dealer to have it checked over the w/end. He came up with a host of problems (think he wanted to line the pockets) but they said I need, rear Quattro seal and Valve gaskets (VG replaced last year). Getting a smell of burning oil after a long run and have to top it off every three weeks or so with a quart. ? How hard is it to do these things myself as he wants to charge me over a $1000. With the age of the car and the miles I don't want to go spending a load of cash and I got a feeling this dealer wanted to rip me off. Any other problem I may have please let me know. Trying to get in as much info here as I can.



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