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Audi All Season Tyres

rezulteo Dec 7, 2011

  1. rezulteo

    rezulteo Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Even though it’s strongly recommended to fit winter tyres when the temperature falls below 7°c, many drivers wonder what an all season tyre is really worth in the winter.

    All season tyres have been adapted to all year round driving (snow, cold, heat), so they are recommended in regions where winter is mild, and are handy because you don’t need two sets of tyres.

    On the other hand however, they are a compromise, they are not as good as a summer tyre in summer, and a winter tyre in winter.

    The conclusion is that they are an alternative, but far from anything miraculous. It won’t replace a winter tyre, but they can be useful if you live in a region where winter is mild.

    For more information on all season tyres, check out rezulteo

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    Do any of you Audi owners have any experience of all season tyres to share ? Have you already owned some ?
  2. Jason_E

    Jason_E New Member

    I've got a Bora at the moment, and I have winter tyres up front. To be honest, even in the wet I find them a lot better than the dunlop summer tyres that were on there.

    In the ice, it's the biggest difference though. I noticed a massive increase in grip. I think it should be law to have these tyres, like it is in most of europe.
  3. rezulteo

    rezulteo Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, winter tyres do bring performance benefits in the winter, that's what they're designed for. Many parts of the UK would benefit from winter tyres in winter, especially the further north you go. People seem to know very little about winter tyres, some people don't even know that they exist.

    Anyway, if you're planning on leaving your winter tyres on all year round, remember that they tend to wear down quicker than summer tyres, especially if you use them during the summer months. You should also check the speed index (the letter at the end of the tyre dimension, written on the tyre wall).

    Speed indexes for winter tyres tend to be lower than that of summer tyres, so if you're planning on doing a lot of motorway driving, you might just want to check that they can handle high speeds.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the benefits of winter tyres, and hopefully if more people use them and get to know about them, then the roads in winter will be a safer place!
  4. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Fitted my set of winter tyres to the allroad last night. Not such a big difference compared with the Michelin Pilot's fitted to the 20" s8 alloys i took off. It rocks a bit more though as the sidewalls on the 17" standard tyres are much higher so they flex more. So far so good !
  5. deanosabby

    deanosabby Member VCDS Map User

    Running all season Pirelli p6 allroad tyres my allroad.
    I only bought the car in August and asked if the tyres were any good in the winter and I was told that they worked well.
    I had nokian wr's on my SAAB 95 last year and they were epic in the snow we had round my way last winter.
    My old allroad alloys are getting a re-furb just now so might get a cheap winter tyre fitted just in case.
  6. garyspeed

    garyspeed New Member

    Even the strength of winter tires is less temperature of-7 ° c, it is proposed to adjust many of the drivers of wonder what it's really worth images of winter throughout the season.

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