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Audi A8l 2004 Miles To Kilometeres Conversion

imported_greekboy Mar 1, 2005

  1. Hello ,
    I have a question on the AUDI A8L 2004. There is an option that you can convert Farenheit to Celsious and Miles to Kilometers on the MMI. My temperature conversaiton works fine but not the mileage. Does anybody know why? I tried the MMI on A6 and A8L 2005 at the audi showroom and it works perfect on those.

    Also has anybody witness any slugishness on the MMI after doing the last upgrade? When I open from window to window I have notuiced some delay and also when i scroll down on option. I wonder if it is because of the cold or a problem with the upgrade

    Thank you
  2. GeorgieMcC

    GeorgieMcC Member

    Have a chat with Paul Waterloo on his www.audipages.com

  3. markneal

    markneal New Member

    Hi, Yes I have had a similar problem with MMI on my A8L W12. When very cold the unit takes a while to fire up, also, if the battery is less than 100% full, the system takes a while. I find it best once the car is started to wait a couple of minutes before using MMI - fustrating I know, but thats the way it is. When you think there are over 137 processors in the car (only one or two in your computer) I think it does pretty well!!

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