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Audi A6 wheels PCD/offset?

DavieMac Feb 4, 2011

  1. DavieMac

    DavieMac Member


    I have a chap with an A6 looking to buy the old 18" wheels from our B6 A4, they are 18" x 8j, 5 x 112 and have an offset of ET35... they don't have tyres so that's not an issue (well, it is as it'll handle pretty woefully initially but he can buy the correct size tyres for it) I'm pretty sure it's a 58 plate 2.0TDi C6, not the latest shape... one of these...


    Can anybody confirm if the PCD and offset would be suitable for this model?

    Best Regards

  2. stimpy

    stimpy Member

    18's will fit but you will need to go to a 40 profile, this will give you the clearance on the front upper wishbones. as for the offset this seems to small. i would have expected a ET of 45 ish. Have a look on the back of one of your wheels to see the offset on there. it needs to be +/- 2mm

    I have 18's on on my C5 quattro. my original wheels had an offset of ET43, have been running them for ages with no issues.
  3. bakili

    bakili New Member

    I had 2 sets of 18" wheels already on my C6. PCD 5x112, ET 45-48, Rim width 8J fits perfectly. ET 35, will slightly stick out. I would not advice anything higher than ET 48.

    Just be carefull with Center Bore, newer cars has 66.5 CB, older 57.1. I dont know if C6 58 has got 66.5, I can say that up to 2007 CB is 57.1

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