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Audi A6 warranty

mike2000 Apr 11, 2013

  1. mike2000

    mike2000 New Member

    Audi A6 Warranty
    I purchased in April 2012 an automatic A6 Avant SE 2.7 TDI regd Sep 2008 from a London dealer with 2 free annual services and a one year warranty which will shortly expire (no problems therefore no claims in year).
    It has been continuously serviced by Audi.

    Now at 53,000 miles - I do about 9,000 pa - the latest Which? Survey shows that 4-5 year old A6s like mine have only average reliability.

    1) Should I take out a further warranty from Audi (costs £650, or £538 with £100 excess) or from Warranty Direct Ltd, which covers wear and tear and is £100 cheaper pa?

    2) If the latter, should I opt for dealer repair or independent (£60 cheaper)?

    3) Also, should I go for 2 or 3 years?

    Clearly the question is what is the likelihood of one or more repairs over the next 3 years which will set me back over £1,500.

    I plan to keep the car for several years​
  2. MarkyM

    MarkyM Member

    I bought my 07 3.0 A6 SE quattro privately and am too considering Warranty Direct, I think they quoted me £650 for a year and £1100 for 2yrs, weirdly there was no greater discount for 3yrs.

    Personally I'd go for an indy repair now yours is outside of warranty..depends which is closest to you?

    I too intend to keep mine for until 2016.

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