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Audi A6 S Line - Suspension too low?

karbonk Mar 4, 2011

  1. karbonk

    karbonk Living a little!

    Thought I'd start a new thread concerning the OEM suspension on my A6 TDI S Line.

    When I picked it up I found mud guards all round, which I found strange as I had never notice such an accessory on the A6 before. Would this have been a factory extra or aftermarket.

    Driving round all last week I noticed a rubbing when going over speed bumps and up not particulary steep slopes. This was with a very light load in b/seats, so when I have a heavier load in boot it's Going to be worst. I put this down to the mud flaps rubbing and when stopping over a bump I got out and noticed they were very close to the ground. Now they're removed and no rubbing noise.

    My concern is whether this is normal or not? And when I am carrying peps in the back and a load in boot how low would this be. Or does it have air suspension/ other that alters to weight?

    When seeing an Audi A6 SE yesterday I tried comparing it's ride height to mine. The SE appears to sit a lot higher. Would this be because m the S Line. I couldnt help but notice the ride is also damn hard! Assume due to S line suspension?

    I will try and get a pic this evening if helps.

    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  2. IainP

    IainP Member

    I have a 2010 2.7 TDI Quattro Le Mans which also has the S Line lowered suspension & 19" wheels etc. I've not noticed any grounding or mud-flap scraping even when fully loaded complete with full roof box! Would not have thought any sort of grounding was normal, perhaps the mud flaps have been put on incorrectly? Take it back........
  3. crispin

    crispin Member

    I have a6 3.0TDI avant and it is also very low, it rubs over speed bumps all the time. I think this is just normal. They look good but firm ride!!
  4. Gavin0478

    Gavin0478 Active Member Team Daytona Team V8 VCDS Map User quattro Audi Q7 S-line owners group TDi

    its not firm its....... sporting lol.
  5. RoyC

    RoyC Active Member

    The mudflaps are part of the (protection package).
    I have mudflaps on my 2009 2.7 TDI s-line Avant, no rubbing at all but a very sporty suspension. I love it.
  6. ultramodz

    ultramodz 06 A4 2.0T FSi S-Line SE

    Drive slower over speed bumps then... that's the whole point ;)
  7. bigblokey0

    bigblokey0 Member

    i had mud flaps on my standard A6 1.8T which had 18" rs6 alloys on it and they always scrubbed on speed humps and i also had scrubbage from the tyres on the inner arches :s and that wasnt lowered and also on my A6 quattro sport i have now i get even more scrubbage on the inner arches from the 18" alloys
  8. stimpy

    stimpy Member

    If you get scrubbing on the arches, you need to check the ET is within +/- 3 mm of the original spec.

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