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Audi A6 C5 - check your plenum chamber - mine was full of water

Alski2009 Dec 28, 2010

  1. Alski2009

    Alski2009 Member

    Hello everyone,

    Just a reminder to all of you out there to check your plenum chambers. I had to top up my screenwash this morning and my plenum chamber was full of water. A lucky escape as we all know how badly it can affect our cars.

    I took the battery out and gave the rubber grommets a good cleaning. Hope you catch this in time.
  2. aeep

    aeep New Member

    Hi there you mention "A lucky escape as we all know how badly it can affect our cars" in your post what are the known affects?
    In summer 2010 Audi recalled a number of A6s and mine was one of them. Two years ago I had an issue that was from the Plenium chchamber being blocked and all the crapet of teh LHS car were soaking wet and I had to use a crapet cleaner vaacum to remove it all. I belive it got wet again last year and when Audi did the recall I had mine seen to in October as I had already had it doen at my own cost. I now central locking issues and the garage has found the ECU has water damage that would have been due to teh known Plenium issue. I am speaking to Audi UK for them put matter sright as they should have asked when it went in if there had been an water ingress issue in the footwells. Instaed I have been told tehy woudl ahve just felt the top of the carpet which dry but underneath it is wet.

    Anything you or anyone elses knows about the Plenium issue and how it efffects cars I woudl relaly like to hear about it so I am best prepared for Audi to have my issues buit right at their cost.

  3. Watty

    Watty ..... (_!_) Sarah's A3s #1 Fan

    Water in the comfort module can also be the pipe to the rear wash wipe, as mine was. Water collects in the plastic box and causes all sorts of problems. Hazards staying on, windows going down on unlocking doors via remote, locks clicking up/ down whilst driving, interior light flickering on and off whilst driving.....

    Pull the carpet back, expose the black plastic box and open it up, you can then dry it out with a hair dryer, and leave it out on top of the carpet until it sorts itself out. Pull out all the plugs and clean them up as the contacts can corrode with the water.

    Then it should get back to normal..

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