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Audi A6 Aux-In vs. Lo-Jack

fairfaxa6demon Apr 21, 2004

  1. fairfaxa6demon

    fairfaxa6demon New Member

    I have a 2000 A6, which I recently purchased in January. It did not come with a CD changer in the trunk. When I purchased it, I foolishly had Lo-Jack installed in the Audi (In retrospect, I wish I didn't).

    I purchased an AUX-IN gadget from autotoys.com. It plugs into 13-pin cable that is supposed to go into the CD changer. Then I would (in theory) run a aux-input line all the way to the front of the interior of the car so that I could plug in my Nomad Muvo mp3 player.

    I could swear that prior to the installation of the Lo-Jack, that the 13-pin cable existed in the trunk. Now that the lowjack has been installed, I cannot find the 13-pin cable. They claim that it is in there snug away, but believe me when I say that I have SEARCHED for it... I took apart that side panel in the trunk to have access to all the wiring. Now the only available cables are 1) a parallel port cable (!), and 2) an antenna cable (looks like what you'd plug into your cable box for your TV).

    Does anyone have any advice? Or does anyone want to buy this aux=in converter from me? I will sell at discount since Autotoys.com does not take returns.

    You can view the aux-in gadget here:

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