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Audi A6 Alpine 9812RR

daver Jul 31, 2004

  1. daver

    daver New Member

    Hi All,

    I have just fitted my 9812RR to my Audi A6 and everything it seems is nearly ok, I swapped the live feed and the switched Ignition feed around on the my Autoleads Harness PC9404 and wired it all fine all working, only one slight problem is that the fronts seem to have a lot more power than the amplified rears, Same old story. I can live with this with the use of the fader but what i cant live with is the pop from the sub or rear every time I press a button on the HU. I press say forward once Pop, I press it 5 times will pop on the 1st push then not pop afterwards, any ideas.

    If I cannot fix it then Im afraid I will have to re-wire the car something I did not want to do, but as I have a genisis SA50, Focal Pro 6.5" Kevlar components and also Canton Pullman 3 way components for the rear then maybe I should re-wire but would prefer to use the exisiting speakers so as not to pull the car to pieces, anyone any ideas on the POP and also has anyone any links to taking door panels off A6's please.

    thanks in advance


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