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Audi A6 4f battery going flat help needed.

Agriv8 Oct 5, 2012

  1. Agriv8

    Agriv8 New Member

    My beloved 57 plate a6 4 f stared going flat about a month ago. The AA man always gave it clean bill of health so last service and asked my trusted garage to take a look.

    They replaced the battery and asked me to keep an eye on it sure enough a week later I was jump starting it from wife's c-max. So back to the garage at harrogate who checked via vcds and found nothing untoward. So booked it into local Audi main dealer.

    They have been disconnecting modules and have diagnosed that the amplifier is at fault so I have asked them to check the mmi software has been updated to 5570 I believe this has been done but worth checking. So audi want a large sum for a new amplifier and say they are the only ones who can fit as it needs coding to the vehicle if this is the case I am going to have raid the piggy bank. If that is updated ok. I need to know if a source a second hand one can I just fit it or if I need a vcds user to do some coding fingers crossed will get me my beloved a6 back on the road. Audi stated only a new one can be coded to the car and vcds forum have no amplifier replacement guides.

    Many thanks agriv8

    Ps go easy on me first post after being asked to part with 600 notes
  2. TwistedMind

    TwistedMind Long Live The A6

    Rip out the amp and put your own in. Cheaper option

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