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Audi A6 2001 2.5 tdi v6 clutch and cambelt question

steve johnson Dec 14, 2010

  1. steve johnson

    steve johnson New Member

    Hi all, i have just purchased A6 2.5 tdi v6,the clutch did feel ok but after about a week of driving i am sure the bite point is higher ,are they adjustable as its not slipping at all ( i dont think they can be as hydraulic). Also i thought the cambelt was done but it hasnt been, a mechanic i know says he has done loads of these without removing injection pump and just marking the timing and fitting the new kit,everyone else wants about £700 for the cambelt and injection belts to be replaced so i would like to know if this is feasible.
    Many thanks
  2. eliasuk98

    eliasuk98 New Member

    hi there i think the clutch adjusts itself, it was the old style cars that could be adjusted manually, wouldnt worry about it.. regards the cambelt, ive done two myself now, and i can tell you to do the job properly is always adviced, i bought the locking kit from ebay for £30. it is a task to do the job yourself but at least you know its done right. if you do get it done by your local mechanic and he does it by marking the cams etc then you must time your pump using vagcom. do it the proper way you wont need to time it up. timing is easy if he knows what hes doing. all the best.

    by the way while you get the job done get the thermostat changed use a genuine one and even if the one on the car at the moment is working still change it, trust me on that
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2011
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    DO NOT do it by marking the belt, you're putting pressure on the belt teeths uneven way and they will strip sooner or later ! Use the propper locking tools and make shure you time the pump as well. As advised by Ellias, change the thermostat and check/replace the aux. belt tensioner bushes and check the cast braket for wear ! If you close to N. London i can get the belt done for you for a bit cheapper than the 700 quid quote and it will include full cambelt kit (tensioner, vibration damper, relay roller), pump belt and tensioner, genuine thermostat + seal, KWP water pump, 5L of G12+ antifreeze, aux. belt, AC belt and diagnostic/setting-up the injector pump ! Give us a ring on 077 899 12128 if interested. Regards.

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