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audi a6 2.7t clutch

pablo28774 Jul 21, 2008

  1. pablo28774

    pablo28774 New Member

    i,m going to need a new clutch soon it slips now and again.would a rs4 clutch fit, asked the stealer and they told me that the pressure plate is a different size , can anyone advise.:ninja:
  2. aposegil

    aposegil Member

    sadly you cant fit the rs4 clutch in there from what i remember due to the rs4 one having different preasure plate.

    you can get uprated ones thou just search audi s4 clutch on ebay as all the kits are on ebay usa
  3. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    RS4 clutch is a direct fit on A6 2,7T, as well as S4.

    Friction plate is common to all, only the RS4 pressure plate differs, in that the leaf springs are much stiffer, for greater clamping power.

    All are 240mm, and the RS4 pressure plate is an upgrade on the other 2 mentioned cars.

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