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Audi A4 vibration ..My Audi HELL

Parksi Sep 1, 2013

  1. Parksi

    Parksi New Member

    Hiya Guys ....this could be a long post so please have patients.. My Car ... Audi A4 3.0 tdi quattro V6 245bhp S-line black edition 07 plate.....So 3 yrs ago I hit a pretty deep pothole on the passenger side front and rear at a speed of around 15-20 MPH. Ever since hitting this pothole I have had a vibration coming through the car at motorway speeds 70- 80 mph . i can feel something is not right even at 40 mph , seems like the car just doesn't feel right . I took the car to a tyre garage 4 weeks after hitting the pothole because i felt a vibration through the steering wheel and he noticed a bleb on the NSF tyre and he said that was the problem so I changed the front and the rear tyre at that time .<br>No Change . The tyre that came off were Avon 245 40 18"" . I replaced with vderdstien . The vibration was still there. Here is the fun part . i took the car to Audi Sunderland and we test drove the car and there service manager said he could feel the vibration so I booked the car in to be checked . The car was in Audi for 10 months ... Yes 10 months !!After 6 months audi Sunderland called me to say that the car was repaired and no vibration was felt through the car anymore after changing 2 top suspensions arms . I collected the car and the vibration was still there so I called audi customer services and also sent a email to audi Germany . So I took the car back to Audi Sunderland saying it was still vibrating so they then took the car to Newcastle Audi for there advice .. So Audi Newcastle said that they could not feel any vibration . Anyway I got the car back that week with it still vibrating and again I called Audi customer services saying after 7 months your 2 Audi garages could not fix my car or had no bloody idea what was wrong , basically Sunderland and Newcastle Audi got together and stuck to there guns with saying there was nothing wrong with the car . So I called in at Newcastle Audi that same week on route home from work and the master tech took me out while he was driving with like 1 hand on the steering wheel looking like he stole it was saying there is nothing wrong with ya car and that its a great car and all this and he was like just forget about all ya problems and enjoy ya motor .So after this drive out with this numpty I called audi customer services again and they said take the car to another branch of Audi .this time I went to Harogate Audi Synter group and mentioned nothing about the car like customer services said . Don't mention any problems just get them to test drive the car . So we went out on a test drive and there master tech was like yeah mate there is a problem with the car vibrating .. So as you can imagine I called customer services and am sure all hell broke loose with Audi wearside as the 2 garages conspired against me to get rid of the car .It was horrendous .So Harogate Audi got the car and had it for another 2 months .. They could not get to the bottom of the vibration so they called me up and said its either your rear diff ..3000£ or your Tiptronic gearbox £6000 .they said what do you wanna do . I was like you should fix the car no matter what's wrong with it as you have had the car for 10 months ... Needless to say they told me to sling it ...So to date the parts I have changed . 4 x 5 spoke s-line alloys . Original audi . Audi Paid for 2 of these FOC . 1 engine mount . FOC . 2 sets of front discs and pads . Audi paid for 1 set . all tyres which are now Perelli p-zero . Audi changed 2 of these . FOC 2 top suspension arms . FOC . The prop shaft was replaced from another car to check if this was the problem which wasn't the case . The parts I was just about to replace after having a few different specialists look at the car .front wheel bearings .... Drive flanges .... NSF wheel hub ...Some things I have noticed while driving the car .. when driving on the motorway and going slightly up hill and under power . The vibration gets worse while the car is going round a slight turn on the motorway , the vibration gets worse ..when the car straightens up the vibration kinda settles down to a steady vibration .i can feel the vibration thought the steering wheel and the accelerator pedal . If I let go of the wheel I can not really feel the vibration but soon as I grab the wheel again I can feel it and its in tune with the vibration or fettling I feel though the accel pedal .i have had 3 sets of front discs and pads on the car since this pothole . The car is warping brake discs .. The last set was installed 1 yr ago from Audi ... These last set have lasted 9 months and now I get steering wheel wobble when I brake on the motorway.I have felt the brake calipers after a long drive and the NSF caliper is hotter than the OSF caliper which lead me to belief it's the front caliper sticking on .. I spoke to Audi London last week and he said it could not be the caliper if your feeling the vibration even when not braking , he said more like the drive shaft ....so my car is warping discs every 10 months .. The car vibrates in a str8 line at 70-80 mph .. it gets worse when the car is going up hill on the motorway and also when the car is turning on the motorway like a steady left hander.the car pulls slightly to the left and yes I have had wheel alignment down 3 times and I have had the wheels tyres balanced more times than I can remember ...so before I go throwing more cash and time I was wondering anyone can help me out as Audi have no idea ..all I get from Audi is book it in and we will take a look at it as we has all the correct tools and all other kinds of bull..they had the car 10 months and told me its either the gearbox or rear diff.. I have had the gearbox checked by a auto gearbox place in Chester who said it 1 of the smoothest he has drove as he knows that Audi automatic gearboxes are pretty poor .any help would be good or advice ..Thanks and sorry for long post .
  2. Leeroy1

    Leeroy1 New Member

    Has the power steering unit been inspected at all? Sounds like the steering rack could have been damaged during the incident with the pot holes if the vibration is worse when turning. Also, check the power steering fluid and make sure it's not losing any if the pump is damaged.

    Hope you find the cause.
  3. lgooch

    lgooch Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Just starting to have a similar problem on my 12 month old A3 black edition

    Had the wheels balanced 3 times do far and still it vibrates but only at motorway speeds.

    I have hit no potholes whatsoever.

    I can feel it vibrate slightly through the steering wheel and through the accelerator pedal and arm rest. Doesn't vibrate when braking though.

    Had a similar problem with a golf which turned out to be worn steering arms

    Due a service in 1500 miles so will see what Audi say.
  4. AshA4

    AshA4 Ash

    See my thread with regards to this, Weird thing is I took Avons off and put Vredesteins on and that's when my trouble started, mine comes and goes though.
    If mine is still there when I change the tyres I am going the cheap route as out of warranty, new shocks all round.
  5. lgooch

    lgooch Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Mine followed a new set if tyres I think. Went from contis to Michelin PS3. I have been looking at road force balancing. Check it out on google and YouTube

    Worth investigating.
  6. Parksi

    Parksi New Member

    Hiya guys thanks very much for your replies ... To be honest the first port of call was Audi Sunderland where me and the master tech test drove the car on the motorway and he also said yes its vibrating at motorway speeds ... At that point I was like .. Dude there's the keys fix the car .. At that point the car was just over 3 yrs old hahah I never wanted a back street garage looking at it as I thought with the spec of the car I would rather audi looking after the situation but like I said ... 10 months later and 15000 miles on there courtesy cars and lots of parts and other tests done on it there out come was .. Rear diff or tiptronic gearbox ..

    I would have only hoped that they checked the steering rack for play or damage .. It's has became no worse or better ...
    the only thing I have noticed is that the front Caliper NSF gets hotter than the OSF caliper and in the last 24 months I have been through 3 set of front discs and pads ... Pads not worn but discs been warped ... Brake shudder on motorway slip roads ..

    i guess that's what is pointing me to front caliper seizing on !!! Or as the Audi tech in London last week said I would only feel a vibration through the car when braking ...
    He then said its probably your nSF drive shaft ...
    i have listened to Audi techs and Audi customer services to long saying yeah pal book your car in , 90£ for a quick look and all this ..
    REAR Diff 3000£ ...tiptronic box 6000£ yeah yeah whatever pal ...
    i took my car to a Audi specialists in Chester QR Sport who race there own race spec audi quattro A4 and have such cars in there like Aston martins and the likes .. Some rich folk round there ... They never picked up on anything been loose or worn ..
    there angle was like let's change drive flanges and bearings ... The bearings have never made any noises and the drive flanges come str8 off the box before the drive shaft or at least adjoined to the drive shaft at the box end ...?? How could that have been bent ..

    Chester auto gearbox place check the box and said alls fine ...
    so I guess now I can safely say that at least 7 garages have tried solving this problem and no one has picked up on the problem ..
    i would sell the thing but I love it ... It's a beast ..

    there are nurmorous posts online about Audi's vibrating and recently there has been a recall on Q5 and so on ..
    they know there is something going on with these cars ..
    however I must say mine problem defo happened after this pothole ..
    picture did take Northumberland County Council to court and won my case ...
    they put up a huge fight .. 5 council members I.e street road engineers and they hired a barrister !! Turned them over ..
    however the poxy judge would not grant the council to fix the car as he was not sure or I could not prove the vibration wasn't there before this pothole ... What a big fat swine I thought he was ... I got my 2000£ I had spent on taking council to court and for other items I had bought ...
    now I am just extremely cheesed off and kinda wanted advice before I throw another 1000£ at it ...

    hope you guys resolve your problems ...
    as much as I love my car I hate audi ....


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