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Audi A4 TDI i detailed the weekend

azzamr2 May 30, 2013

  1. azzamr2

    azzamr2 Member

    Do abit of weekend valeting and detailing, here's an audi i had to do the weekend just gone and considering i only had my polishing pad left on my DAS6 it came out alot better than expected apart from major swirls still remaining!

    965262_10200435613425409_864187654_o.jpg 967288_10200435615705466_611213093_o.jpg 977659_10200435612105376_547347036_o.jpg


    980203_10200435626025724_1051864543_o.jpg 964887_10200435627865770_3521827_o.jpg 981849_10200435621105601_1530791503_o.jpg 963890_10200435625265705_582842763_o.jpg 965812_10200435621065600_1036653268_o.jpg

    Products used:
    Valet pro citrus pre wash
    valet pro concetrated wash
    WD-40 tar removal :)
    green clay bar

    valet pro citrus pre wash APC
    auto glym glass polish
    all that was needed on that really its very good stuff

    machine polish:

    Meguiars #105 on a polishing pad (only 1 i had left)
    Lime prime with abrasives as a finisher
    and collinite 915 to wax to a nice finish
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