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Audi A4 rough idle

dean2013 Oct 25, 2013

  1. dean2013

    dean2013 New Member

    I have a 52 plate Audi a4 1.9 tdi estate

    I have noticed that my car has started rough idling, it doesn't do it every time I get in the car and start it.

    But when I get up first thing and take my daughter to school it's fine, no rough idling but soon as I get back into the car later on to go to work it starts doing it.

    The car shakes quite bad but once I start driving the car, eventually it clears up and drives normally ??????

    I changed the fuel filter today thinking maybe a clogged filter but no no change. Also I have been putting in Vpower and Valvoline injector cleaner in to clean injectors. Did this almost a week and a half ago. still the same

    Car has also been on full diagnostics and there are no codes stored

    Also serviced 6 months ago new oil, fuel, air, pollen filter, new glow plugs, antifreeze and has been serviced every year without fail, every 9 thousand miles.

    Other new items, clutch and turbo replaced 6 months ago

    I don't know much about cars and have tried to put as much info as I can

    Thanks in advance
  2. demus

    demus Fire in the hole..

    Maybe not related but my 1.9TDi used t have a rough idle for a few seconds every morning, turned out it was sh!t Tesco diesel.
    Put decent fuel in and its fine..
    Where do you fill up??
  3. dean2013

    dean2013 New Member

    Hi Mate

    It does it longer than a few seconds more like 5 minutes max. Saying that when i drive the car it clear quicker ???/

    I used to fill up at Sainsburys but stopped and started using Vpower from Shell. The old fuel has deffo gone now as I have filled up with Vpower over a week and a half.

    I have put in Valvoline in with fuel (injector cleaner ) but made no difference and that was a week plus ago.

    I find that when it gets warm in the morning and then left to stand it does it then.

    The worse thing is one day it will do it then not another. Cannot get my head round it.

    No codes no warning lights nothing lol
  4. Andy27168

    Andy27168 Member

    I have similar issues with my car though different engine, mine has been diagnosed as having some faulty injectors, might be worth having the injectors removed and professionally cleaned, and tested.
    Mine are being cleaned and spray pattern checked for £20 for each injector, the £20 is refundable if I have to replace it.
  5. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    If you have VCDS check your torque angle

    fixed mine :)

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