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audi a4 quatro 3.0

pushrodchuck Jun 14, 2010

  1. pushrodchuck

    pushrodchuck New Member

    hi i new i just got this car 3 moths ago whit 80k miles now it has 86k just last night it started to make noise sounds like an exhaust leak/lifter noise or maby rod going out .
    was told that my be it could be the cam adjusters or oil pump have slug . and it smells like burn oil but i just had an oil change at 84K the timeing belt kit evey ting that goes in to the istalling of it was change at 75K from the last owner . so today i took my passenger vallcover off to look , then i was told the it was comond that it would have a plug oil pum do to oil slush so i drop the oil pan and it was nice and cleen no slush oil what u guys it might be the place around my house wana charge $119hr to find the problem the what ever the cost to fix it need lil info thank you pushrodchuck..

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