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Audi A4 Pressure plate disintegrated

AudiCJ Jan 15, 2008

  1. AudiCJ

    AudiCJ New Member

    Hi i wonder if anyone could help me..i have an Audi A4 53 Reg and have only driven 36000 miles in it due to no real need to drive to and from work so only use it to go out and visit family etc. i am a very careful driver so dont drive over 80 at any point and definately dont take it up high on the rev counter, however i recently started had problems with gear selecting so the next day i took it in to my local Audi dealer. After investigating the problem i was told that my pressure plate had disintegrated and gone into my fly wheel causing £3000 worth of damage requiring new clutch, gearbox etc. As you can imagine i was shocked to hear that this had happened after only 36000 miles and the fact that a part hadnt broke or snapped the pressure plate had completely disintegrated. Please could anyone advise me if this is re nowned in Audi parts or whether there was maybe a fault with the part. I have spoke to Audi who have been quite unhelpful to say the least. Has anyone got any ideas who i could seek advice from on this and maybe where i should go from here... many thanks

  2. 46TheDoctor

    46TheDoctor Valentino Rossi A.K.A The Doctor

    You need to go straight to the top with this one, dont even ask the dealer as they'll just tell you to jog on, write a letter to Audi UK and give it the large one with quotes like 'bought audi because there the pinacle of motor manufacture', 'you've been let down by a reputable brand you thought you could trust', i was going to buy a new RS4 next year but now im gonna buy a beemer' LOL, Audi do do good wills on things like this but you need to push at the top, my mate had an instrument cluster fail on 00 'y' reg TT 2 weeks ago, over 1k to replace and chester audi told him to 'do one', he wrote a letter to audi uk and got it FOC, in some cases they might meet you halfway on the bill, sometimes you'll pay the labour charges, trust me suck it and see, the worst they can say is fackoff so give it a go.:icon_thumright:
  3. just bad luck mate.... good advice on letter. send it recorded and lay it on thick.

    call manager who you addressed letter to a few days after to check receipt.
  4. Great advice on the letter. I am not disputing the fact that indeed you ar a careful driver, but I work for a Dealer (Nissan) and as part of my job have to fight clutch cases alll the time, with warranty, and with customers.

    When the Dealer diagnosed your problem did they give any indication if this was down to driver error, I am not saying that that this is the case. But what did they say?

    We have changed clutches due to driver error at mileages as low as 10K As i said i am not saying this is what has happened in your case? but again what way did the dealer put it? Also, is the clutch hydraulic or cable? Do you know if it has had one before at all? If it has and it is not hydraulic, then poor adjustment could contribute to early wear.
  5. Blackadder

    Blackadder Member

    Crikey, I have to say I am quite worried by this also.

    I have been told by my dealer (non audi but VAG independent) that they think the reason for juddering on idle on my 2001 A4 Tdi is due to the clutch and flywheel misalignment and could need replacing.

    I have a 3rd party warranty that seems to cover clutch and flywheel, well it doesn't say that it doesn't.

    How much am I looking at for a flywheel, clutch and labour then?
  6. pablo

    pablo Active Member

    Id to get a flywheel and clutch in my wifes mk4golf tdi 130 and it cost £500 all in inc fitting.

    Im surprised the car needs a new gearbox tho.
  7. J45SON

    J45SON Member

    i have a 2002 1.8T Quattro and my car was diagnosed as needing a new clutch. my local stealer has quoted me (with labour discount) as follows:

    replacement clutch: £637.63 incl vat
    replacement clutch and flywheel: £1160.77 incl vat :no:

    i have also went to a local audi specialist who quoted:

    clutch only (as flywheel rarely goes) £140 + vat
    5 hours labour at £50 + vat
    total job incl vat is £472.73 which is much more palateable.

    i have the car booked in for next thursday, so will see how it goes.

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