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Audi A4 Concert Head Unit Question

silversurfer Mar 4, 2009

  1. silversurfer

    silversurfer Member


    I have a 04 Audi A4 with a standard Concert single din head unit. I'm looking to change the head unit for my kenwood one.

    I was told my car has either a half amplified system or a full amplified system, so could be 1 of 2 audiolead cables I'd need. How can I tell which one I need.?

    Is it easy to tell from looking at the back of the Audi head unit.?


  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    If it's Bose then it's fully amped, if it's non Bose then its half amped.
    If it's non Bose then you'd be far better of rewiring the rear speakers directly to the new HU as the feeble 20w rear amp will be very quiet compared to the fronts driven off the 50w+ new HU. Then you can use the RCA adapter purely for the sub and jack the sub pre-out level right up.

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