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Audi A4 Cab newbie help.

golf kid Nov 29, 2009

  1. golf kid

    golf kid Member

    I have just purchased an A4 2.5tdi Sport cab. Its grey, with red leather and a red roof. Pretty well kitted out with climate and heated seats.
    I am absolutely over the moon with the whole package, and is a real step up from my 1.4 mk4 Golf.
    The hand book was lost (on the hunt for a replacement if anyone has any ideas) by the previous owner so have a couple of questions.
    1. how many times should the indicators flash when the alarm is armed/dismarmed.
    2. The switch that operates all four windows works when putting the windows down, but doesnt put them up...is this a fault or just how they are.
    3. The traction control light very occassionaly stays on when I am stopping and starting a lot and wont go off when the ESP button is pressed, is this a fault or some feature of the system?
    4. How much are tailored mats from audi.
    5. Should the seats slide back and forward when letting people in the back, as I seem to be having issues with the process. i.e slides, sometimes it doesnt, sometimes it goes all the way back.
    6. I took off a set of chrome mirrors and replaced them with the originals, would anyone be interested in these, and what are they worth?

    If anyone has any hints or tips about cabriolet ownership that would also be great.
    I will post some pictures up next weekend when I have had chance to clean it all properly.


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