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audi a4 cab 2002

reepers13 Aug 25, 2011

  1. reepers13

    reepers13 Member

    This is our/her second audi (other being 2003 A4 190 S-Line 1.8T..sold) and this is suprisingly good on fuel compared to the last Audi.
    Selling dur to quck house sale

    It is a an Audi A4 Convertible 2.4 V6 Sport

    - 5 speed manual, Black
    - It benefits from all the luxuiries to expect from these models, such as;
    - e/w, full grey leather, traction control, 6 disc cd changer, electric seats etc etc...
    - Xenon (HID) Headlamps
    - Fantastic Bose sound system as standard
    - The hood is in good condition and works well with no issues.
    - The car just had its MOT which it flew through so there is a fresh 12 months on there.
    - Tax is Aug 2011
    - Only has 93k mils with a FULL service history - this is nothing for these engines.
    - Very smooth drive with these V6 engines and an utter joy on the motorway (its so quiet)

    In very good condition however unfortunatley when we were at the supermarket recently we returned to discover the front bumper had been slightly damaged. We are unsure how it has occurred however really annoys us when people do this and drive off without a care in the world.

    There was no paint rubbing and just the damage you can see in the pics. Apparantly it needs a new bumper clip which i could get fixed but as mentioned time is not on our side.
    I have therefore taken this into consideration about how i have priced the car - very minor damage, nothing recorded, just a broken clip(s)!!

    So to sum up, a real nice convertible Audi that has been a trouble free car.
    Quick simple sale needed please
    £5995 ONO

    please contact me on 07817028470as i dont get on here much

    pics here
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