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Audi a4 cab 06 3.2 v6

Dan Mills Oct 25, 2011

  1. Dan Mills

    Dan Mills New Member


    I am after some help.....

    I have seen a a4 cab that i like its on an 06 plate its the 3.2 v6 quattro engine, just after some pro's and con's if any one could help me that would be great.

    Also would like to no what is the best type of engine oil/petrol octane level to use for the 3.2 v6 engines.

  2. rizzini7

    rizzini7 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Got the Manual 3.2 v6 Avant myself and love it. Run mine on Shell V Power as it was recommended it runs on hi-octane. Only had it since June so cant comment much. Drinks fuel, but i knew it would beforehand. Also had the coil packs replaced FOC the other month which was a bonus.
  3. o0timbo0o

    o0timbo0o Member

    I've got the 3.2v6 quattro cab tip , nice smooth car , not the most powerful thing about , quick off the lights with the 4wd but mid range is a bit flat ( personally used to diesel turbo) .. Definitely not tuneable , little or nothing you can do to it without spending mega £. Still ,on a run 33 mpg is easy achievable. Sounds nice and meaty at low revs . Tesco 99 definitely perks the car up ! Coil packs are on a recall via Audi.

    Make sure if it's sline that you get the proper sline front bumper, the cheeky c***s at Audi sold the sline with an optional sline bumper !! ( I've unfortunately got got caught out with that one). All in its a nice car to own , ultra reliable , just have to give it beans every now and again to stop the thing coking up.. No great shakes. ;)

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