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audi a4 brakes sticking on

seany26 Feb 23, 2013

  1. seany26

    seany26 Member

    hello all, my 2002 a4's brakes are sticking on slightly. its not the calipers as they have been refurbed. Ive always known about the dreaded water build up in plenum area and the servo taking in water so i'm suspecting this! Has anyone changed the servo them selves or took the servo out for inspection? can it be rectified with out a new servo? hope to hear a reply sean. thanx
  2. scottshere

    scottshere Member

    Not done anything with the servo, so cant comment on how to sort this one.. But was wondering who and how much was it to refurb your calipers? i recon mine are sticking, as getting a clunk noise

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