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Audi A4 black 1.8t

azzamr2 Jun 28, 2013

  1. azzamr2

    azzamr2 Member

    gave a nice audi a4 1.8t some machine treatment a few weekends ago, here's the shots!


    IMG_2213.jpg IMG_2207.jpg IMG_2210.jpg IMG_2221.jpg

    you get the general idea ...black car + years of abuse = a **** time!

    IMG_2225.jpg IMG_2231.jpg IMG_2239.jpg IMG_2247.jpg IMG_2253.jpg IMG_2257.jpg IMG_2262.jpg IMG_2275.jpg

    cant beat a quality finish on a black car its just a mirror lol! loved doing this! more photo's on my facebook page, Polished 2 perfection


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