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Audi A4 B6 130bhp TDI Sport - ECU location

Gooner May 6, 2009

  1. Gooner

    Gooner Member

    Hi All

    Im a newbie to the Audi world and was wondering if anybody knew the location of the ECU on my car ? Its a 130bhp TDI but im pretty sure the previous owner has chipped it as it goes unbelievably well and pulls all through the rev range. My friend had a Golf with the same engine, which i drove and it didnt go as well as this...! Just itching to find out...lol

    Also, what would be the safest bhp to chip it too if it turns out it hasnt already been done ? Also the best place to take it ? Im located in bristol and the car is currently on 65k.

    Thanks in advance
  2. QuottroA4

    QuottroA4 Member

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum.

    The area where the ECU is located at the top left of the engine bay, under the cover near the windscreen. You have to remove a rubber strip which locks the cover in place to gain access.

    Just out of interest, why do you want to know where the ECU is? I ask as unless you are a VAG expert its one part of the car I'd leave well alone!

    Tuning has come along way since the days of 'chipping' where in order to change the performance of the engine you had to remove OEM chip and replace it with a differently programmed one. Nowdays, the engine is 'remapped' via the ODB port which interfaces with the ECU.

    There are lots of different companies out there which will do this for you, with prices from £250 all the way up to £500. The cheaper ones tend to be 'generic' maps which have been written to offer a performance upgrade for your car. The other more expensive option is the custom map where the tech / tuner will upload a map to your car then either dyno or road test your car and tweak the map until the optimal performance is gained - this option is by far better, but like I said more pennies.

    I am on my 2nd 130PD TDI and generally speaking you will look to get about 170bhp out the lump before you start creating adverse affects...such as trashing your clutch!!

    Hope this helps.



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