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Audi a4 b6 1.8t sport 2003-knob broke!

Boycey Jul 14, 2013

  1. Boycey

    Boycey New Member

    Hi there,
    One of the knobs on my Bose sat nav system has broke, the one ya use to select everything on the various menus 😢
    It should double click like the power on/off knob- does anyone know if this can be repaired or if I have a dead head unit? 😐
    Ive only managed to find one post on the web & it says to pull the knob off & use a long reach 10mm socket to tighten it up then should work, I wanted to check first if I can just pull the knob off or do I have to fix it from behind the unit??
    Gutted as its like a useless piece of kit & not long owned the car either 😔
    Any help gratefully received

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