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Audi A4 B6 1.8T - Longlife Turbo Back Exhaust Review (Made by M.B Seating, Devon)

Christophano Jun 25, 2013

  1. Christophano

    Christophano New Member

    Hi All,

    I'm a newbie, but thought I would put a review of my new exhaust on here.

    I've owned my A4 B6 Quattro Sport 1.8t for around two months and felt I needed to replace the rusting silent pea shooter exhaust for something a little less quiet (yes, still a bit of a boy racer at 29). Leaving me staying up very late for quite a few nights checking out forums, reviews and listening to exhausts on Youtube (totally sad, I know).

    Engine wise, my A4 already has an unknown remap to supposedly 210bhp, Forge Split-r DV and Big-ass Ramair cone filter. Also, running the original K03. :-(

    Anyway, after being shocked at the price of Milltek's and Blueflame's etc, I decided I would get a few quote for a custom system, so I got emailing the likes of different Longlife and Powerflow centres etc. not that I really wanted a Power****e system, I checked their prices out for comparison....

    I sent off a bunch of emails, only one of the three Powerflow centres got back to me with a very short message and Longlife got on the telephone to me to have a chat about what kind of thing I was after and where exactly I was located. I believe I was speaking to James or Jason who runs the Longlife Bridport centre. He suggested that their newest Longlife centre in Cullompton, Devon (well actually Willand, but it's around the corner) would be closest to me and that he would get them to give me a call to discuss. Five minutes later Mark from M.B Seating (Longlife supplier) gave me a call and we arranged for me to bring the car in so they could have a look at it with the intention of them getting started on it if I wanted to go ahead.

    Sooooo... I took the car in on Monday to be greeted by Mark and two of his chaps, and they were cracking guys, I instantly felt like I hit it off with them all as they were so friendly and they were genuinely interested in what I was asking for. After some chatting and some jokes, I left the car with them to get the work done and I picked it up today, Tuesday, and again the same friendly guys were there to greet me, with Mark urging me to come and listen to it.

    So, what did it sound like when Mark fired it up and gave it a few revs?? Bloody fantastic is how it sounded. From a deep burble at idle, it really sounded like an animal when it got up to the 4000rpm mark. It was deep, howly and powerful sounding, just the ticket. It sounded awesome on the way home too, with a kind of wastegate dump of boost 'fuuummm' sound when you eased off when not fully letting the turbo spool.... Odd sensation, but I like it. You can drive it normally without too much noise, then when you want to let rip, it doesn't disappoint.

    What did they make for me? A full 2.5" system from the turbo back, so decat, downpipe and a Y split to two rear boxes with 3.5" outward rolled tailipipes. They made a decat pipe with lambda holes etc for it so I can swap the fat'ol cat back in for MOT time. All for a very reasonable £580 inc Vat. Also to note, I know nothing about welding, but I do know decent welds when I see them and the welds on this system are very, very tidy.

    How does it feel to drive? Better than I thought it would, actually. I've had plenty of cars that have had silly baked bean can exhausts fitted and gave a placebo effect of more power because of more noise, but I can honestly say that there is a noticeable difference in the reduction of spool up time, it boosts harder and doesn't fade as much after 5000rpm as it did before.

    Would I recommend them? Yes, in a heartbeat. Great customer service and brilliant product. From what I can gather from Mark, M.B Seating are a manufacturer of exhausts for Morgan cars, so you would expect their work to be tip top.

    To finish off, here's a picture of the new shiny exhaust on my car!

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    Last edited: Jun 26, 2013
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  2. _adam_

    _adam_ Member

    Sounds exactly like what im looking for, is your system just the 2 rear silencers or a silenced centre also ? I was planning on just 2 rear silencers.
  3. Christophano

    Christophano New Member

    Yep, exactly. Just two rear silencers and no resonator in the middle, all with 2.5" piping. Having a look, I can't believe how restrictive the old piping looked in comparison. Really bottlenecked in parts.

    If you are a Devon resident, give them a call, their details are on the longlife site.
  4. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member

    Looks the part :icon_thumright:
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  5. S23

    S23 Member

    great read and i think i may pay them a visit , what part of devon are you from mate ? im based in totnes near paignton
  6. Christophano

    Christophano New Member

    Cheers for that, they are just off the M5 about 20 miles past Exeter. I would say about an hour from you. :)
  7. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    that's a v nice example of a b6 rear end. love the votex with the twin exits
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  8. moggs

    moggs Member

    Nice write up mate. Would like to go this route too if it's gonna make a bit of a difference. Good price.
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