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Audi a4 b6 1.8t fan help

deburgh999 Sep 5, 2011

  1. deburgh999

    deburgh999 Member

    hi, recently when i start the car from cold the fan kicks straight in and takes awhile to go off, has anyone ever come across this and what fix was needed.


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  2. kite

    kite Member VCDS Map User

    turn the aircon off and see if it stops the fan running...
  3. Phil-UK

    Phil-UK New Member

    Which fan? It could be the secondary air fan that comes on when you start from cold. It blows air into the exhaust and last for about a minute then stops, can sound like a Hoover at times and sounds like a jet engine when spinning down if you turn the engine off before it's turned itself off. If it's this fan it's normal behaviour.
  4. Pabs

    Pabs Active Member

    Could be a problem with one of the temperature sensors, have you got access to vag com or can someone scan it for you??
  5. deburgh999

    deburgh999 Member

    unfortunatly i havent got vag com, is it recomended to download? which fan now, your asking. ill try to get it plugged in somewhere to find out what errors there might be. i never have the air con on so i know its not that and it doesnt always do it, this morning it was fine, not aure whether it is linked to my car sometimes will only boost to 5 psi then other days will go upto 8, got to get it to a specialist.
  6. Most certainly the coolant temp sensor. Our cars have three. If a 1.8T its probably the g62 sensor thats located by the bulkhead. I have recently had to replace mine. It sounds as if its on the way out.

    The fans kick in from cold, the car lacks power, and the engine light will come on soon enough.

    The fuel consumption can get worse and sometimes it may not start if you have not warmed it fully first.

    Its a cheap fix, about £35 from the dealers. There are cheap copies about but they are false economy.

    Heres the part number off ETKA

    059 919 501A

    Its fiddley but easy enough to do by yourself. You will have to get some jubile clips as you will have to break the "one use only" factory clamps.

    Good Luck
  7. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

  8. Curt25line

    Curt25line New Member

    I'm now having this issue.....

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