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Audi a4 2001 2.0l petrol help

ltaylor88 Sep 5, 2013

  1. ltaylor88

    ltaylor88 New Member

    Hi all iv just bought a audi a4 2.0L petrol 2001 reg 96k 1 lady owner.

    After driving it for a few days and getting a chance to open her up a little on a long run. I found it to be very sluggish kind of just gave it up as how it must be although its a lot slower than a old 1996 1.8 i had a few years ago that had 230k on it.

    anyway a few days in i got an engine light come up so i got my mate to read the codes for me and i got these


    found very little info on what these are apart from one is likely to be a clutch switch. one might be a temperature sensor. and the other may be a MAF sensor or exhaust/air leak

    I carnt at the minute afford to send the car to audi for a expensive diagnostic and a huge list of replacement parts before they locate the problem

    If someone could let me know if this engine is just slow and to stop worrying or could the sluggishness be down to a underlining problem.

    one other thing popped to mind i heard before as a mith if a car is driven slowly for its entire life the ECU renumbers and its very difficult to change it?? I dont want to race the car i just like something with a bit of poke when i feel the erge.

    There are a couple of niggaly things that might help you make a diagnosis. The tick over is very quite but is not smooth hard to notice it but the engine will wobble occasionally as if its missing a beat. when i put the throttle flat down the power is lumpy like fuels starvation and gutless. it will occasionally go and the be gutless again. when driving slowly on releasing the clutch as you are holding the throttle at very low revs it is again lumpy/jerky and hard to pull away smoothly but this is intermittent. it gets better in higher gears

    most of this i am probably over worrying about but little things get on my nerves lol. sorry for my spelling and thank you for your help in advance
  2. ltaylor88

    ltaylor88 New Member


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