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Audi a4 2.5 tdi Quattro starting problems

Johnboymason Feb 18, 2013

  1. Johnboymason

    Johnboymason Member

    Not long bought my Audi a4 tdi Quattro it's a 51 plate was running fine for weeks, come out the house 1 zday and just would not start, put it on vag and said crank shaft sensor so changed that and still no start the only way it will start is with easy start a mean once its started its spot on runs like a dream when it's starting as we'll it kicks out a lot of smoke but soon as it starts that clears any ideas any1 please.
  2. Enzo_UK

    Enzo_UK New Member

    It will often throw that code if its cranking but not starting, doesnt always mean its the sensor itself.

    If it starts with easy start then its either lack of fuel, or some/all glow plugs arent getting hot enough.

    If you have Vag-Com (VCDS) what does it say for coolant temperature in measuring blocks before you try and start it?

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